How Protective are You?


We had a series or message recently that spoke about “My Church”.  It was about taking ownership of our church.  Owning it.

So how protective are we over our church?  What types of things should be on guard about?

If you found out something was going on at your church that was immoral (opposed to the Word of God) or something unethical was taking place what would you do?  Let’s say the pastor is not involved but possibly someone else in leadership, how should the information be handled?

 “Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump?” (I Corinthians 5) is what Paul said in regard to sexual sins in the church at Corinth.  He said we should not allow even a little sin in the church. 

The church is there to help save sinners.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Everyone falls short sometimes.  Romans says, we have all fallen short of the glory of God.

Should some situations spur us on to protect the church?  If there is sin present, actively being pursued, by someone who knows better and that person is participating in ministry, does it spiritually effect the church? I think it does.  How can the body of Christ (the church) have some members who want to remain fleshly and worldly in character and some members who want to become spiritual move forward in unity?  This seems impossible.

When we realize how our choices effect others, we make wiser choices.  Do we consider how our actions effect our church?  Our attitudes and choices set the tone and atmosphere for our church.  We fail to consider that all the parts of the body effect the whole body.  If the arm is injured the whole body knows it.  If the leg is infected, it slows down the whole body; an infection in your leg can cause a fever to rage through your body.  We must begin to consider how are choices effect our family members, our church, our community.  What you do matters.


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