Great Leaders Produce Kingdom People


I thank God that we attend a church with a pastor who supports ministry – not just his ministry but whatever ministry his people are called to.

This is an excerpt from Graham Cooke’s book Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

“A church that is top-down led – that is not permission giving, – that does not allow the people to dream or encounter God fully for themselves -can never produce a warrior.  In truth, people who want more of God are going to leave these inferior houses to seek the Lord and His greatness.

A church that has no concept of or experience in the Kingdom is not fighing on the right battlefield.  The church is the place of intimate devotion to the King.  A place of fellowship, encouragement, dreaming, and development.  People are equipped and prepared for a life of destiny.  They are released to discover their inheritance, to live in favor and to move out of abundance – not poverty. 

People who are developed specifically to serve another man’s ministry can never rise to a place of sonship within that organization.  They will only ever be servants to someone’s anointing.  This type of discipleship arises out of a test oriented, functional paradigm of Christianity that actually can disengage people from their own dreams and disinherit them from God’s desire for their life….

…In a relational paradigm like the Kingdom our challenge is to produce sons and fathers who are like the Godhead in personality, character, and anointing.  God gives dreams and sends prophets to confirm His desires. Leaders, who are also fathers, are intensely interested and involved in the identity, inheritance, and destiny of the people the Lord has committed to their charge.  Otherwise, they are merely using people….”

Graham Cooke went on to recommend David Crone’s book The Decisions that Define Us.


3 thoughts on “Great Leaders Produce Kingdom People

  1. Our church has been blessed to have leadership that isn’t possessive – that encourages members to move on to other ministry and missions. God is in the business of scattering his people, not hoarding them in one place.

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