Getting Healthy


After being married for a year we realized that we have been eating out about half our meals and basically packing on some extra pounds.  We’ve been wanting to do something about it so a few weeks ago, I met Jeannette at church.   Jeannette has visions of starting her own “Biggest Loser Club”  (she should).  So she has been easing us into some better habits.

We did some cooking last Saturday for the week.  We prepared all kinds of vegetables and snacks.  We talked WATER. We talked low fat, high protein.  We talked turkey bacon….yes, turkey bacon.  We talked small coffee versus medium or large.  We talked.  (Jeannette can be very motivating)

After only a week, the idea of eating something deep fried just sounds nauseating. 

I’ll have to keep you posted.  But I think we are going to be incorporating exercise this week.  Oh, and of course Dennis already lost like 3lbs. in a week.


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