Highs and Lows


Have you ever noticed when one area of your life is really going great another part is insane?  This seems to be the case with me.  When something is really flowing and God seems opening doors, in another area the enemy is attacking to steal the joy out of what God is doing.

The Women’s prayer breakfast this weekend was great.  Breakfast was great (THANK YOU Suzy and Reba – Suzy is a master organizer), the fellowship was great.  You must ask Wynell or Roz about the “I never” game we played.   The prayer was powerful.  I am so excited about what God in doing!!!

Meanwhile, we have two issues looming…one on the family front and one on the church front.

The enemy cannot steal what is already done.  The word that went forth on Saturday is done.  I was inspired.  My prayers today for my family and church were stronger because of Saturday.   Things may be uncomfortable but God’s Spirit is at work. 

I refuse to allow the joy of what God is doing to be corrupted by what the enemy is attempting. 

There will be peace in my home.  There will be holiness in my family.  There will be holiness in my church.


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