What’s up with Facebook?


My sister called me yesterday and said I have to join Facebook.  Oh, the endless hours of figuring out another networking system.  I am on MySpace and LinkedIn.  I rarely check ether one.  She convinced me to join by telling me one of my friends from high school is on.  I’ve been trying to find this particular friend.  So I joined. 

And now I am going to have to find suitable (by suitable I mean cute) pictures to post so people will want to be my friend.  Then I will wait for people to send messages to my wall. 

Just another thing to manage….who has the time?


2 thoughts on “What’s up with Facebook?

  1. Yeah I signed up for facebook a few months ago. The people that friended me were all people I work with and people I’m already close with, I don’t need them to friend me. I know what they’re up to. Needless to say I do not keep up with my facebook page as it’s not brought any interesting long lost friends.

  2. omahs

    I so agree with you. I am on My Space as well, and very seldom find the time to keep up and then find a list of messages. *sigh* But…it is a great way to keep in contact. LOL Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog

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