Shout Out


Am I too old to do a “shout out”?  Or better yet…are “shout out” too “old school”?  I can some how see Will Farrell saying “I want to give a shout out…” 

We went to Big Spring this past weekend to visit my sister, brother-in-law and nephew.  To get to Big Spring (and by the way everyone – it is NOT Big Springs – there is only one spring and folks from Big Spring do not care for outsiders calling it Big Springs) head west on the back roads and when you hit the dessert, keep going for a while.  It’s past San Angelo but before you get to El Paso.  This is where Dennis and I met.

While we were blessed to get to visit with our friends Sammie and Jim.  They are so awesome.  Dennis and I have not gone out to Big Spring together since right before our wedding.  So we haven’t seen them in a while.  Sammie and Jim are everyday Christians; they live it every day.  Me really miss them. 

On Sunday we saw Mitzy, Zenon, Edward, Kevin, Angela, Jason, Jacqueline, Marcy, the Sanders, and so many others.  We had a chance to visit with Priscilla and Ruben for a little while. 

For all those people we didn’t get to see…here is your shout out.  Hey, Kim and Jim (we missed y’all) and the Walkers.  We also did not have a chance to stop by and see the Norths.  They have been such a blessing in our lives!  I am sure I am forgetting someone.  We hope to visit more frequently so hopefully, we will see you next time.


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