Don’t drink the coffee


Doesn’t McCafe sound like McAffe when you say it fast?  On Friday, late, desperate for coffee we stopped at McDonalds.  Fredricksburg Texas has three coffee shops but not one stays open after 6 p.m.  Someone could make a killing if they stayed open, served good coffee, tasty desserts and had some live music.  (Think Mozart’s). 

The coffee machines look like espresso machines with the beans on top but I have my doubts.

If  you are going to drink coffee at McDonalds, just get their regular coffee….don’t drink the espresso drinks.  Just don’t do it.

UPDATE:  I’ve been taking an informal poll and everyone I’ve spoken with says the new coffee drinks at McDonald’s are gross*


*the actual word “gross” may not have been used.  Some descriptions are not proper to repeat.  In some cases the word “gross” has been used in substitution for the word “sucks”


6 thoughts on “Don’t drink the coffee

  1. I really want a McCafe to come near me. The first time I saw one was about a year ago and it was an anomaly. They’re like a legend in my small town, if you come in contact with one you’d better take a picture to preserve the image.

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