The Latest…


Thanksgiving we great.  My family was all together.  Dennis’ family is hopefully coming to visit for Christmas.  We aren’t sure if we will see everyone. 

What we’ve been doing… eating; eating way too much.  Staying out too late (I went to the outlet mall with John and my sisters on Thanksgiving night – yes, my plan is to get all of your gifts at the Pottery Barn Outlet and I hope this doesn’t give away what you are getting).  We played games.  We shopped.  We had fun.  When we were younger spending so much time together would have meant we would have eventually been getting on each other’s nerves.  No so much any more.  Now, the kids get on our nerves (by day 4).  The boys can only spend so much time together before whining, crying, hitting, fighting and gnashing of teeth surfaces.  I suppose that is the nature of having boys.  They are still cute and enjoyable…we might have to enjoy them a little more one-on-one than both at the same time.

Jen and John mentioned they are planning a New Years Eve party.  Well, Jen and some of her friends are planning a party.  This made me think, maybe we should plan a party.  We might.  We must find out if our church is planning anything first. 

Other random information…

We bought our Thanksgiving pies from the Texas Pie Company in Kyle.  We purchased Lemon Chess Pie, Chocolate Fudge and Pumpkin Praline.  This was the best idea.  The pies were as good or better than anything I could have made myself.  It was very reasonable.  My mom and dad’s favorite was the Lemon Chess and  our favorite was the Chocolate Fudge.  You can order here: (be sure to tell them you read about it here).


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