Stop Stressing Over Christmas


Excerpt from First magazine (Dec. 15th issue) page 17.  The Article is about curing seasonal Stress.  Here is one of the recommendations.

“Stress Soother: Praying Out Loud

It is well established that daily prayer eases stress – studies at Duke University show that it can hinder cortisol (me – the hormone that causes you to gain weight in your stomach area) output by 22 percent.  But new research suggests that prayer can be even more beneficial when recited aloud.  That’s because the measured lines of prayers (such as Hail Mary or the Lord’s Prayer) can slow respiration to six breaths per minute, a physiological ideal that heightens activity in the brain’s oxytocin-producing hypothalamus. In fact scientists at Germany’s Witten/Herdecke University report that women who spend just five minutes a day praying aloud are 81 percent more relaxed than those who don’t practice this habit.”

Wow, who knew that prayer had so many great “side effects”?  Apparently, God did since He highly recommends prayer.  

In the season when we celebrate Jesus’ birth…let’s take some time to talk to Him about EVERYTHING.  He cares. He listens.  He answers.


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