A Message from the Lord


Have you ever watched the Vegitales Jonah movie?  There is a very catchy tune when we meet Jonah, he sings a song called “A Message from the Lord”.  It’s all about getting a message from the Lord.  Have you ever had a time in your life when you really needed a message from the Lord?

I certainly have.  Once you hear from God, it becomes addictive.  You find yourself wanting to hear from God all the time, about everything.

In 2000, I visited a very interesting church/ministry in Destine Florida called Christian International.  The Bishop over this international ministry is Dr. Bill Hamon.  He has written many books and one series is on prophetic ministry.  Christian International has a school that teaches prophetic protocol and use of spiritual gifts.  It is all based on  Scripture.  (yes, I am a stickler for that). 

So I visited there in 2000 and received prophetic ministry.  What they do is pray/prophecy over you.  They record the message and give it to you recommending you pray over it and even share it with your pastor or spiritual leadership.  (Again, they are very cautious about recommending you run off and make big changes in your life based on the prophetic ministry you receive).  The Word I received was very good.  They woman who ministered came back and said, God will provide new transportation for you and the wheels will be good.

At the time I had just bought the red Jetta and was pretty happy with it.  On the drive home, I had a blowout near Houston.  I actually have had two blowouts in the Jetta (on on I-10 and one on I-65).  In general it has had some wheel issues – it has very nice aluminum wheels that seem to cause the tires to leak.  It’s a constant thing.  At one point over the years, I acquired a new bike and thought maybe that was my “new” transportation.  Weirdly enough, the tires on the bike seem to leak air too.  (as always, this is going somewhere).

Then there is Dennis.  Several years ago, Dennis had a Saturn.  It was in good working condition and he felt God lead him to give the car away.  He fought it.  He thought he would sell it instead.  The long and short of it, he gave the car away and walked everywhere for about 6 months.  Later, a couple from our church in Big Spring, gave him a Ford Truck.  It was a 92 and had been a ranch truck.  He drove it for over two years and this past August, he told me he felt God leading him to give the truck away.  This would mean we would be a family of three (my sister-in-law was living with us at the time) with only one vehicle.  When God asks you to do something (as Matt Brock would say) you don’t write Him a memo asking for details…you just do it.  So Dennis gave away the truck.  Six weeks later, our car broke down.  A lady Francis from our church gave us a ’85 Capris which we drove while our car was being fixed.  The Capris has some issues of it’s own.  (It needs some work).  We fixed the Volkswagen and were back to one good vehicle.  We knew we needed something knew.  We started looking at Jeeps.  Dennis has always wanted one.  I’ve had opportunities to purchase the vehicle I wanted so it’s his turn.  We have had some reservations about purchasing a vehicle.  We attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace class and he is all about buying with cash.  It’s a good plan but we were going to break the rule.  Then I unexpectedly lost my job.  So we didn’t need a second vehicle.  Sort of.

Lately, the Word I had received eight years earlier was coming to my memory.  So I started reminding God of His word.  Isaiah says God’s Word is never void.  He said it and He will do it. 

A few days before Christmas, my mom called and asked if we could go somewhere with her on Tuesday.  We said sure.  (If someone you trust wants to take you somewhere, go!)  So she tells us the day of, we are going to Mammacitas (Mexican Food) for lunch.  My dad meets us there and my sister, brother-in-law and nephew.  We thought that was the big surprise.  They live over 200 miles away and we do not get to see them as much as we would like.  Plus, my sister is having a baby and we wanted to find out what she is having.  They planned it all very strategically so we wouldn’t see them arrive.  My sister gives me and my mom a little present to open and tells us to open it at the same time.  My moms gift revealed the gender of their baby.  My gift was a piece of paper…a title.  It took me a few minutes to figure it out.  They GAVE us an Expedition.  A slightly used, fully loaded, Eddy Bauer Edition Expedition.  We still cannot believe it.  We were blown away.  My sister, Jenny, tells me at one point that the tires are very good, they were very expensive.  God is in the details.

Jenny and John are two of the most humble people we know.  They have been BLESSED over the years with some nice things.  I have witnessed them tighten their belts during lean times yet never slow down their giving.  I’ve seen them give and give and give…not just to church but to people they know; some believers and some unbelievers – where  ever they see a need.  They are destined to succeed and to be richly and abundantly blessed because they always demonstrate the heart of a servant.

There is more to this story.  When Dennis gave his truck, he had several people at his job ridicule his decision.  He never had the intent of sharing with them all the details of why he gave it but they kept asking him.  One co-worker told him he was stupid to give out of his need….that you should only give out of your abundance.  That co-worker told Dennis, “Don’t ever ask me for a ride.”   Dennis says this gift was a “Blessing slap” from God; so unexpected, so lavish we couldn’t have  imagined it.  It is a testimony of God’s faithfulness to provide exceedingly abundantly above all that we can think or imagine or ask.


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