God’s Got This


So applicable to where we are today…full circle almost.  Only this time, when I was told my position was being eliminated due to the economy, I didn’t stress…I just felt God’s got this.

From this past year:

Ever since I received word yesterday that this is my last week, I’ve been a little stressed.  I’m thinking, “How will we pay the rent??”.  We are doing okay…we don’t have a lot of extra stuff going on.  We eat out pretty often (I’m not even counting Coffeebucks).  We may have to tighten our belts.

Anyway, so I was stressing about it.  I have a friend who helps with the cleaning every two weeks.  I was thinking about letting her know we wouldn’t need help (although I desperately need help).  This morning in the shower I realized I am out of shaving gel.  I thought, “Well, I probably shouldn’t buy any of that (all of $3??) for a while.  It’s all those little things that add up.”  Then I felt perfect peace come in and say, “No.  Go ahead and take care of needs.  Get the house cleaned. Don’t be extravagant, but don’t worry.”  I feel at peace. 

God’s got this. 

I feel so relieved…I can’t explain it.  I am not quoting scriptures and standing on promises.  I’m not calling special prayer meetings.  I just know that He’s got a plan and we are going to be okay.


4 thoughts on “God’s Got This

  1. lorawilliams08

    You know i felt that same peace yesterday talking to my friend about how God bless her to go to school with us. It was amazing how God knows what we need before he ask. The word i have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread.
    God will always provide!

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