Get a new Vision


Now is the perfect time of year to adjust your vision…here is another post from last year:

Our church has been discussing vision, and getting a clearer vision of God.  If you want to get a better look at something, sometimes you have to reposition yourself.  You have to move.   If you want your vision of God to change, get out of your seat and start serving.  When you move, your perspective changes,  your view is improved.  So if you have been thinking about getting a better vision of God but feel that nothing is happening, then maybe you need to move; get up, change where you are and what you’re doing.


2 thoughts on “Get a new Vision

  1. Carl C

    Vision is a very interesting topic. What is the context? Is it from a leadership standpoint? Inspiring others with a compelling vision of the future?

  2. Just get a vision for your life. So many people just go through life with no goal, no purpose. With out a goal, there is no plan, without a plan, you will go nowhere.

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