Prayer Summit 09 – Day 1


We are attending Prayer Summit 09 and so far we are have received so much information that I cannot begin to share it all.  I love the format – we learn and then implement what we learn.  Here are a few quotes on prayer from the Prayer Summit (Today Bishop Tudor Bismark and Chi Chi Bismark spoke).

“Breakthrough prayer is loud, desperate, intense, ongoing; it is ‘until’ prayer”

“You must have a purpose when you pray.”

“We (everyone) must develop a culture of prayer in our churches.”

“Read anything by Leonard Raven Hill and Reese Howell.”

“Principles of  Transformation”

  • God wants to be invited into our communities
  • God is drawn to holiness and humility
  • Corporate revival begins with individual obedience
  • Biblical unity is a majority with God
  • Break through prayer released destiny
  • God’s work will always be unique
  • God uses servant leaders

Okay, that’s all for now…when we get back I will start posting more information on the Ezekiel Regiment Blog.



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