Surgery Update


As many of you know, my dad had surgery today.  Mom and I are hanging out in the surgery recover room at the St.David’s North Austin Medical Center.  Our family loves St. David’s…Ellie, Evan, my sisters and I were all born at St.David’s (not north).  Kudos to St. David’s. 

Dad’s surgery was pretty high tech.  The surgeon (Dr. Ruff), uses a console to operate a robot that does the actual surgery.  It is called Da Vinci but I have dubbed it Dr. Wii.  When Dad described the surgery, I asked if his doctor was young (He is) because you do not want an “old fart” (mom’s words) doing virtual (video) surgery on you.  This doc looks like he’s probably played some video games in his time.

Anyway, Dr. Ruff just came out and informed us that the surgery was successful.  They believe the cancer was confined only to the area they operated on  (have you noticed I am not giving specifics?  1. I am not very familiar with technical terms.  2. My spelling skills are pretty questionable. 3. Let’s just say it is related to “man parts”).   Anyway, Dad only lost maybe half a cup blood (very good, no transfusions necessary) and they believe all the nerves were successfully reattached. 

Thank you, everyone for your prayers!  I’ll keep you updated when we know more.


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