God Spoke… I’ll go first


No comments.  No emails.  Not even a hint that anyone read the post “God Spoke…”.  I know that God speaks today.  I believe He has spoken, in some way to every person.  He’s like that. 

So I thought I would start this off by writing part of my story. You may be surprised and shocked by some of what I write.  Well, most people are shocked to find out I lived through some very rebellious times in my life.

When I was in my early 20’s, I walked away from God and my church.  I wasn’t claiming to be an atheist, just living a Godless lifestyle.  My lifestyle and church were like oil and water…they just didn’t mix.  One thing I am positive about in all of it is, that I couldn’t reconcile my lifestyle to attending church.  Why is this positive?  Because people who can go to church week after week and still live a totally Godless life style the rest of the week, become numb to God’s voice calling them.  They can hear Him, be touched by it but still return to their Godlessness. 

In any case my family tried everything to get me back on track.  They invited the new young pastors (over singles) for dinner – that is when I first met the Ragsdales.  Every Sunday at lunch they would re-cap the church service and sermon (that I had not attended).  Eventually they had a “You are going to go to hell Intervention” (I don’t recommend this).  What they did do that worked was they prayed for me.  I know they were praying because even in the bar after I had been drinking, I would have moments of complete clarity and sobriety when I heard, “You were not created for this.  This is not how you were raised.”. 

At this time in my life I was attending college.  I spent many hours on campus studying.  One day, I was heading to the library.  My plan was to arrive around 11 a.m. but I didn’t make it there until 1 p.m.  Everything that could delay me that day did.  After I arrived and was into my textbook, someone taps me on the shoulder.  The tapper was Charlie Lujan.  I grew up with Charlie, we attended elementary school together.   He had gone into the Marine Corp.  I remember one of my sisters mentioning that he was “really on fire for the Lord”.  At the moment he tapped my shoulder that is all I could remember… “Charlie is really on fire for the Lord”.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone who was “on fire for the Lord”.  Charlie said, “Can I talk to you outside?”.  I left my things and walked out side of the library (I didn’t plan on going far and I didn’t plan on being gone long). 

Charlie said, “God sent me here today to give you a Word.  He says, ‘It is time to come home’.” 

The words pierced my heart.

I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

From that point on, subtle changes began to happen in my life.  In order for me to truly “come home”, some major changes had to happen.  It didn’t happen over night.  Although within 6 months my life looked completely different…that is still pretty fast. 

“Coming Home” didn’t just mean recommitting my life to Jesus it meant going back to the church where I grew up.  It meant going back to people who saw me as “trouble”.  It was amazing really some of the people who treated me like I wasn’t real…some of them had been in the same boat I was in.  That made if very difficult for me. 


4 thoughts on “God Spoke… I’ll go first

  1. Your blog touched my heart…kinda went through a similar life when i was young..went through moments like the one you described when you were in the bar…but i am not fully home yet…still reconciling myself with church-oriented life..I am on Facebook as Jessie Uchat if you wish to exchange views…

    Thank You

  2. amc2425

    The lord has watched over all you life and he loves you so much. you are the apple of his eye. he say i will never leave you or forsake you and i will not cast you aside. I am here with open arms.

  3. Erica Gallardo

    I would just like to thank Charlie Lujan for being obedient in that moment. We often get so wrapped up in our day and own crisis that God is unable to use us as designed. Charlie was sensitive to the spirit. Now Casey you are “on fire for God”!!

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