The Bottom Line is…the Bottom Line


Everyone has this Recession on the mind lately.  I’ve been thinking about it too.

Last week a company called me about taking a contract position with a local IT company.  I could barely understand the company’s rep.  He was from India or Pakistan if the accent was any indication.  I had to ask him to repeat himself several times due to the accent.  It made me wonder…during the current economic climate how can any American company justify hiring non-Americans??

I know…this thinking is so “Old Fashion” and so “Anti-Obama”.  But what if American companies started hiring Americans again. 

Why doesn’t the government start offering American companies some type of incentive to hire Americans?  Or to keep their factories and call centers in America?

The bottom line is that American companies are only about the BOTTOM LINE.  American companies do not care about Americans if it means it effect’s their bottom line.

I have a message to all the American Companies out there:  if you want to help America (which let’s just admit it, is the meat and potatoes of your income) then start giving Americans jobs instead of handing them out to every one else in the world.

I have a message to all Americans out there:  Let’s start buying our products from companies who make their products in America and have their call centers in America and employee Americans!  Heck, I would even agree to purchasing a Japanese or Korean product if it is made in America (like a Hyundai) by Americans.

What if the Bottom Line was more about helping everyone instead of only helping yourself?  This is called Unity.  As Americans it is time to start helping each other; it is time to start working together for the greater good.  It is time to work together for future generations.

This is not a new idea. After World War II people wouldn’t buy products that were not Made in America.  Our grandparents cared about where their cars were made and who made them.  I understand that American quality has declined over the past 60 years…maybe this is our wakeup call.  Let’s make a better product.  Let’s make it bigger.  Let’s make it to last.  Let’s make it fast and let’s get there faster.  Come on America, let’s pull ourselves together!


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