The Worst Day of Your Life


If you have read my two previous posts then you realize that God has been reminding me of the importance of studying the Word.  This past Saturday Dori Powledge spoke at our church(  Three years ago she lost her husband of 12 years and four of her children in a tragic car wreck.  Her testimony rocks!  Seriously, it rocks the gates of hell.  Although she lost more than half of her immediate family is one tragedy, she is whole, healed and delivered.  I anticipate that this woman is going to shake the nations!

Dori walked to the podium on Saturday night (loved her shoes….couldn’t help but notice) without a note of any kind.  As she spoke from her heart, the tears flowed (Dennis and I were crying).  The story began to unfold and at every turn, it was the Word that she relied on. It was the Word of God that carried her through.  She received some personal Words but as she told her story it was obvious that this woman has the Word of God (the Bible) hidden in her heart.  She quoted scripture after scripture.  She quoted them correctly and she referenced where they were found.  She was without a doubt a Woman of the Word.  And it was apparent that this is one of the things that brought her to the other side of a tragedy that could have killed her.

We cannot expect that we are going to read a devotional every day and get the Word in us.  The “Busy Woman’s Five Minute Devotional” is not going to get you through the worst day of your life.  It’s just not.  If you are going to make it on the very worst day of your life you going to have to have the Word of God hidden in your heart.  It is no longer enough to just “read” your Bible.   It is time to study, memorize, commit the Word to your spirit.

People often ask me how I remember scriptures (don’t get me wrong – I am not as good at remembering the references).  It seems that at the right time and place, God will bring a scripture to my memory.  That doesn’t happen because I read it once.  It is a result of  seasons in my life of being totally immersed in the Word.  It comes from writing scriptures on notecards and reading them over and over.  It comes from looking up the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words so I will understand the full meaning.  It has been a while since I had a season like that but I feel the stirrings.  Psalm 42:5 says “Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; All Your waves and billows have gone over me.”  I feel the deep calling.  Can you hear it?  Listen closely.  On the worst day of your life, what thoughts will run  through your mind?  Or what peace will wash over you?


2 thoughts on “The Worst Day of Your Life

  1. Emily

    Thank you for the encouragement of the last few posts! I have scriptural declarations written on cards now all throughout the house! Thanks 🙂

  2. YES, i was thinking the same thing about Dori! Well, maybe not about her shoes…but what a powerful display of the Word of God and how it speaks to us when we choose to devour it.

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