The checks in the mail


Let’s just say this recession has hit home.  In December, I lost my job as did everyone else at my company except for two people and I’m not sure they are still employed.  But we have been “making it” by the blessings of God.  Seriously.  We have had several incredible blessings in the last few months.

One day, I was at the grocery store picking up some food to make box lunches (something I do on Thursdays to make a little cash – Dennis suggested I do this since I did quiet a bit of catering when I lived in Big Spring).  As I was walking through the parking lot, I was praying.  I asked God to let me find a wad of cash or even a hundred dollar bill. Yep, a hundred dollars would solve all my problems. It didn’t happen.  Later that night my dad called and said my aunt was in town and I should stop by.  Since I do not get to see my aunt very often (she is a traveling granny for sure) I wouldn’t miss a visit.  She was heading from her winter place in south Texas up to Minnesota so it might be a while before we would see her again.  We were visiting and she offered me a stick of gum (I thought maybe I needed some gum since I often offer people gum if they need to freshen their breathe).  I accepted. Tucked in the pack of gum, was a hundred dollar bill.  I cried and told my aunt about my prayer.  Later in the evening she pulled another hundred out and said, “I’ve been carrying this around in my wallet for months.  I don’t really need it.”  Double blessing…it really helped us out.  

Then Dennis’ company tells him that they are switching when they pay commission.  We rely on commission checks to pay our rent since I lost my job.  The emergency fund came in handy but there wasn’t any money left.  Seriously…funds are tight.  So I was heading to the mailbox one day praying for “checks in the mail”.   I was just saying, “God we could sure use some checks in the mail.” As I picked up the mail, I opened an envelope in a generic envelope.  It had four checks in…each check was for $1.00 for KFC.  

I’m sure everyone on the planet heard about Oprah announcing KFC’s new grilled chicken and coupons to try it for free.  Then days later, KFC handing out “rain checks” because the response was overwhelming.  Well, I had emailed them about not getting to redeem our coupons. 

I couldn’t help but laugh.  God has a sense of humor.  I had received “checks in the mail” just as I had asked.   My prayer on the way back to my car with check in hand, “God, you are hilarious!”  And He seriously is one of the funniest people I know.  He made rhinoceroses.  He’s funny.  You’ve gotta love Him.

I told my mom about this (because she too likes to laugh at me – which she did) she told me, “You have to be more specific with God.” 

P.S. Later I ate some grilled chicken at KFC.  It was a little dry.  Dennis had original recipe, now that is hard to resist.


One thought on “The checks in the mail

  1. Hilary

    I pray for that hundred dollar bill in the parking lot too! I’ll keep looking for it to come in unexpected ways. And your mom is right, you have to be specific with God.

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