Sometimes the “Crazy Lady” is Right


Last  month we took Katherine and John (he doesn’t want to be called “John Daniel” anymore… I suppose he is getting too old for that – Kat and John are Dennis’ brother and sister) to Corpus Christi.  John had not been to the beach since he was two (years old) so he didn’t remember ever being to the beach. 

Our plan was to visit the USS Lexington and then go to the beach.  I was wearing a cute white dress and my red sandals.  Thought I was looking cute…well for me (considering I had worked until 2 a.m. and then got up at 7 a.m. to leave town). 

As we approached the ramp to go up to the ship, the guys noticed some guns so they went over to climb on them.  I walked over to read a plaque about the Blue Angels (they used to be based out of Corpus – that was news, I have seen them in Pensacola, FL).  As I stood there a woman was telling someone about the birth of one of her children.  She was standing next to me, not too close (not like a weird, awkward close or anything).   She must have stepped closer to where I was standing.  Out of nowhere, she reaches her arm out and PATS my stomach!!! Then asks me how many kids I have.  My response (not that we haven’t been trying) was “none”. 

Awkward.  She quickly left.

I laughed about how I need to lose some more weight as I told Dennis, Katherine and John what happened.  Dennis and Katherine said maybe it was prophetic.

Didn’t realize it at the time, but the “Crazy Lady” wasn’t so “crazy” ….



8 thoughts on “Sometimes the “Crazy Lady” is Right

  1. SuzyBranham

    Cool! You are telling people now! Don’t have to keep a secret anymore. You would be proud though, I didn’t tell a soul. LOL.

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