Have you ever woken yourself up from a dream laughing or crying?

Maybe it is being pregnant but I woke myself up laughing and talking in my sleep…or maybe Dennis woke me up because I was laughing and talking in my sleep.

I was having this dream and this guy Paul I grew up with was going to build a house.  There was an old farmhouse on the property and I was telling him to renovate that and live in it while he was building his house.  My mother told him not to do it.  She said that we would want to live in the house later but we needed to live in a bakery.  She wanted us to own and live in a bakery.  I was very angry with her for saying that.  I felt like she was telling me that is what I had to do with my life.  I told her, “Do you know what kind of crackheads hangout in bakeries?”…I actually said that out loud and even as I said it, it struck me as funny.  I do not actually know many crackheads; a few former crackheads.  I have never heard of crackheads hanging out in bakeries.


One thought on “Dreams

  1. Erica

    It sounds like a house is in the hear future. Maybe you’ve been thinking more about it. It sounds like abundance. We serve a God of more than enough!

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