Not so good news


Last week we went for our first pre-natal visit and received some bad news.  They could not find the baby’s heartbeat and it did not appear to be the size it should have been.

This situation may not be bringing out the best in me because I wanted to smack the nurse that day…she called it a spontaneous abortion.  What an F.O.N. (Freak of Nature).  Who tells a woman who just told you her and her husband have been trying for a year to get pregnant that they are experiencing a “spontaneous abortion” ? 

The good news in all of this is 1. We were able to get pregnant without “help” (other than God) and 2. Everything on my end was good – it was the baby who failed to sustain life. 

So I will have a D&C on Thursday to help my body reset and in a few months we will try again.


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