What’s next? (or thoughts about Twitter)


I haven’t been doing much writing recently; not feeling very inspired.  I keep thinking I have a story to tell but I am not sure what it is. 

We are about to embark upon a Diet Game.  Yep, being pregnant, I wasn’t doing much exercise so I’ve pretty much gone to the pigs.  That’s right, I’m talking bad about pigs.  The game is based on the a book; The Game On Diet.  It is all about establishing healthy habits…like exercising, eating right and drinking A LOT of water.

October is my birthday month and interestingly enough, we are broke right now.  For my birthday, I don’t really want gifts, I want to do thing…like take a trip to Alabama or Florida and even visit the Big Easy on the way and have some biengets.  I guess we will see how things turn out.  I haven’t exactly been feeling like God is for me lately…not that He’s against  me.  Maybe it’s a matter of alignment on my part. I find myself once again looking for the “sweet spot” and wishing I could live in it.

Sometimes I think Max Lucado sends too many Tweets on Twitter. (just a thought)  Yet, I still “follow” him. Twitter is a very revealing tool.  Some people are way more shallow than I expected.  Bishop preached a sermon recently about “being deep” and going deeper.  Then there are some people who are just trying too hard.  I want to tell everyone on Twitter…I don’t need to know what time, where and with whom you are having lunch. 

I saw a tweet from rather well known minister who wrote, “Look at me delivering a serious prophetic word in my barefeet”.  I thought this tweet said it all “Look at me…” So many times tools like Twitter and Facebook become “all about me”.

Mean while, I found out recently that an acquaintance of mine has Lukemia…the really bad kind (as if there is any good kind).  It has been weighing on my heart.  He has some time to get everything in order and to make peace with God.  That is about the best news in the whole situation.  The bad news is this incredible talented writer is down.  This is one of the most creative people I know and his light isn’t shining as brightly these days….almost like glory fading.  Breaks my heart.  This cannot be the “WILL of God” for someone so full of glory (Glory is man fully alive – St. Ignasias) to fade.   So we pray and wait and wish there was something we could do to change the circumstances.

Spoke to a friend yesterday who lost her wallet….with all the rent money in the wallet.  I’m thinking we might have to exercise some servalution for her and her family.  It will take a group effort though.  Our emergency fund is nil right now.  We need some stimulus in our finances as well.  (Anyone know of some writing I can do at home??)

Well, I’ve rambled on and possibly preached a mini-sermon or two.  It’s time to get some things in order.


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