Power of Prayer


In my previous, “Random” blog, I made mention of acclimation to the Spirit.  How we have a tendency to “get used to” the Holy Spirit that are frequently exposed to.  I’m not sure that is a good thing at all.  I know it happens.  Sometimes, it isn’t so much that we “get used to it” as it is we “aren’t as aware” of it. 

Our Tuesday night prayer team meets in our Pastor’s office (usually).  We are pretty free flowing.  We have a mission: to pray God’s Will, God’s vision and God’s mission for Promiseland San Marcos.  Very simple.  And off we go.  Sometimes we are loud.  Sometimes we cry.  Sometimes we eat carpet.  It is according the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We have been doing this for over a year.  We haven’t grown much numerically, although we have almost doubled…we started small.  Even so, I’ve been disappointed and a little frustrated.

A few weeks ago, one of the intercessors shared some information with me.  She told me one of the staff members came into the outer office while we were praying.  He told her he could hear us “tearing it up” and the Holy Spirit was so strong in the outer office that he couldn’t stand, he had to kneel right there and pray. 

That encouraged me. 

At a service shortly after that I heard Sister Hayes’ story about a church they were pastoring.  She wanted to encourage the church members to attend pre-service prayer.  Week after week she was the only person praying.  She began praying that God would move on the congregation to PRAY.  On week, she was in the prayer room alone again, she was in a deep place of prayer; crying out to God.  When she finally finished and looked up the prayer room was full.  Someone told her later, they were in the sanctuary and suddenly they felt a call to pray. 

Deep in my heart, I have this spark of faith that one night, on a Tuesday, while we intercessors are praying for a our church, the Holy Spirit is going to fall on the whole Promiseland Campus and everyone who is on the premises(that is when the worship team and the dance team meet) will fall to their knees and pray.   I keep waiting and anticipating it….


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