Several years ago, I made a big move.  I moved from Texas  to Alabama…round 600 miles from where I was born and had lived my whole life.  It took a while for me to make decisions and actually move.  I knew for a year that I was going to move.  God put it in my heart to move.  I really wanted to move to San Diego, CA (it is a beautiful city with a great climate.). The doors didn’t open there. 

Here were some of the things that happened on my journey to “moving”.  Bishop Phillips was preaching a message and in the middle of the message he said, “Alabama is hard work.”  It was a little random.  I visited Mobile, Al and found that it is a beautiful city…I fell in love.  I received several prophetic words regarding moving.  One was, something like, “God is moving you, geographically”  and another said, “God is moving you and this move will set things in order…”  both of these words came from individuals who had no idea I was considering moving.   Another thing that happened was a surge in finances that covered the move and expenses I had when I arrived…God financed the move.

There was also opposition.  A key spiritual leader in my life told me I was missing the will of God.  My dad was not all that happy about the idea of me living so far away.  I had to know that the move I was making was what God wanted to for me; His will.

It was an exciting season.  What was God going to do?  Anything could happen…I was reminded of God’s unlimited potential. 

What happened?  Everything good, bad and ugly happened.  It was revealing.  I found out some good things about me and some really ugly things about me.  And also that God loves me no matter what.

That same excitement has been stirring lately.  I am anticipating God moving…or God moving us.


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