Recently, I’ve been experiencing some issues with my eyes.  I’ve become very sensitive to sunlight.  No, I have not gone to the doctor.  The first action I am taking is to PRAY for healing.

When I was growing up, there were some times when our family didn’t have any medical insurance. Honestly, I do not remember going for “checkups” like most kids go to today.  My parents didn’t have the funds to run us to the doctor every time we caught a cold.  We prayed a lot.  Seriously, only in situations that were dire did we go to the doctor.  When the doctors told my parents that my baby sister possibly was not going to walk, they did not schedule a surgery or consult more experts.  They took her to church and had the pastor lay hands on her and pray for healing.  She began walking shortly there after. 

As Americans we have become so “self-sufficient”.  We have decided to put our faith in the government to provide our health care.  Several years ago, I went through a financially “stretching” time.  I had no insurance.  One of my frequent prayers was “God you are my insurance policy”.  There was only one time I can remember having to go to the doctor during that time…it’s a long story but it turns out I am extremely allergic to aspirin.

But I degress…back to the eye situation.  I’ve been praying.  Dennis is praying.  The intercessors on our prayer team have prayed.  Still, not completely back to normal.  My eyes are much better at night.  So I’ve been thinking about light and darkness. 

We had the opportunity to talk to a young believer who is struggling in her living situation.  One of the things I said was “be the light in that dark place”. 

As I was thinking about light and darkness and being the light…

The greater the darkness, the brighter the light.

This is so true spiritually too.  When darkness surrounds us, our greatest opportunity to shine presents itself.  Or when we are surrounded by darkness (the people around us) again,  when we shine, it changes everything. 



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