Potted or Planted?


A few months ago, I made a decision. In the past, we would keep an eye out for what visiting ministry would be in our area and it seemed like we were always running around to church services.  John and Staci Eldridge were visiting a church in our area and we wanted to go but Dennis had made  prior commitment.  We originally thought it was a two-day event so we were going to attend the second day.  The cost was $30 a couple.  When I found out it was only the Friday night, I was disappointed.  I also thought $30 for one evening was too much.  (Since when is the gospel for sale?  I understand that things cost, facilities, travel, etc.  What happened to the days when ministers would trust God and take an offering?  That is a another blog, I think. )  So we skipped it. 

What I decided was, all this running around to hear different ministers or visiting different churches is just too much.  Yes, there are some ministries that we would still “go out for” if they were in our area.  However, we are not going to run around like crazies in pursuit of the latest fad.

This past Sunday, our pastor (Chad Hayes, Christ Church in San Marcos) was teaching about being rooted.  He used the analogy of a plant.  When you purchase a plant in a pot, you have to constantly care for and water that plant until you plant it in the ground.  Once the plant is in the ground, it can put down roots and find the water and nutrients it needs to grow.  Potted plants require man to provide the water and nutrients, planted plants can root down deeper to find what they need.  The same is true of Christians…there are a lot of potted Christians out there who just wait for a man to come along and water them.  When you put down roots you will be fed by God.

Psalm 1 says the righteous man is like a tree planted by a river who brings forth fruit in his season and his leaves do not wither. 

So many people wonder why they have no fruit; sustainable fruit in their lives…check your root system.  Get planted.  Stop chasing here and there looking for “the good stuff”…home cooking is the “good stuff”.  By home cooking, I mean the teaching and preaching you get in your home church.  If the WORD you are getting in your own church isn’t sustaining you, then you may be called to put down roots in another church.  Moving around every few months isn’t healthy.  Any horticulturist will tell you, moving a plant or a tree could kill it….uprooting isn’t all that healthy.

Get rooted.  Find a healthy church to serve in and put down roots.  Form relationships with people.


4 thoughts on “Potted or Planted?

  1. Dennis chavez

    This is a great word! It is vitally important to be grafted into a vine! Yes it is Christ but also with fellow believers

  2. Fe Jones

    Amen!!!! Running around after the latest fad often robs us of developing our gifts and our relationship with God.

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