Snot, Eye Boogers and Other


Is snottiness just a stage?  Will he outgrow it?  It hasn’t even been a week and I need to purchase some more tissues and I need to figure out how to dislodge eye boogers.  (Advise welcome – they seem to dry into some type of superglue-like concrete). 

BMs (you mom’s know – Bow Movements) have been not so frequent.  I was waiting for the motherload.  Yesterday we went to the new McGross, ah, I mean McDonald’s.  They may be gross  but they do “play area” very well, especially this new one by our house…great little toddler area.  Nicholas has had no issues eating.  He seems to really like eating.  He ate a cheeseburger and a few fries, some juice and was off to play.  It was apparent he is familiar with McDonald’s. 

When it was time to go, I noticed a nasty smell;  really, really nasty.  I thought three kids must be in need of a diaper change but no, it was just him.  When I took a peek, I almost gagged from the smell.  Hey, this kid is eating regular food so it’s regular poo.  It was loose looking so we were off to the bathroom.  I’ve already become the “queen of wet wipes”…they are so multi-purpose (although not all that great for the superglue-cement eye boogers).  I only had three left.  As I am changing him,  his legs are in the air and he reaches his hand right behind his little butt into the poop.   GROSS.  I may have yelled….okay, there was definitely yelling.  He just looked at me unphased.  He doesn’t talk much yet, but I think one of his first words is going to be “nasty”.   

 Apparently, not many people blog about snottiness and boogers because the spellchecker doesn’t recognize those words at all.  Seriously,  someone out there has to be discussing these serious issues related to domestic engineering and childhood development.

Did I mention that this morning, snot and crusty boogers in his hair?  He had a bath last night right before bed.  Shampooing is an ordeal as it is and I had to do it again this morning.


5 thoughts on “Snot, Eye Boogers and Other

  1. Heidi Meyer

    Girl this is pretty normal. The eye stuff and the snot could be allergies, in fact I would bet on that. I would call the pediatritian to just double check. The bowel movements according to my pediatritian can be irregular. Some kids will go every day and some will go every other day or so. The smell is usually just from being on solids, if it smells strange or is watery it may be time for a check up. Feel free to call me if you need anything or have questions. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Wharton

    Quick tip for the eyes…apply a wet, really warm washcloth to his matted eyes for as long as he’ll let you. It really loosens everything up so it’s easier to clean it all off.

  3. Laddie B

    Casey, I may have a solution for removing the eye boogers. I can bring some laquer thinner or acetone from the shop to removbe it. You may have to take him to the emergency room after, but then they would be able to give you something more appropriate! (Everyone please calm down! Just kidding about the above solvents!)

    Love you!

  4. Jenny Bryans

    Grace, I am guessing things are going better today. You actually are making time to blog, so that is good! You are a very entertaining writer. I just need to be there to proof-read for ya, girlie! See you tonight!

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