100% Natural


It turns out that babies are not innocent.  As soon as they are able, they reveal their defiant, disobedient nature.  No one has to teach them to do it…it’s natural; 100% Natural.

I’ve often wondered why I am not more obedient to God’s voice.  Why does it seem more natural to hear the voice of the enemy than to hear the voice of God?  And why is my natural tendency to follow after what is wrong than to pursue what is right? 

We are a generation that believes “100% Natural” is the best option…always.   Cow manure is 100% natural, that doesn’t mean I should put it in my mouth, not even a little of it.  Some things that are natural that are not “good” for us.

I’ve been reading “Toddler Wise”.  So far, I am more overwhelmed than comforted.  Supposedly, I should organize all this “free-play time”, “structured play time”, etc.  It is a lot to take in.  Let’s just say, we have a pretty good schedule going and I am going to incorporate some blanket time to teach the boy to focus and to play in specific areas.  One thing that stood out in the book is “…little steps of disobedience can easily turn into giant steps of trouble.”  That is true in life no matter what age you are. 

It turns out that allowing childrent to just “free for all” is not healthy for them.  Children need boundaries.  Boundaries are good for everyone.  Boundaries create a feeling of security.

So it’s time to go and fight the natural inclination.


2 thoughts on “100% Natural

  1. Laddie B

    Remember your roots and don’t go overboard with the book learnin! Show him lots of love and remember what Shelby told you.

  2. John

    Casey, you have such a great way with words. Also, I believe that you have fine parenting instincts, and that you are going to be a “natural” at that, yourself.

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