A Moment to be Thankful


Just wanted to give praise where praise is due.  So many people have helped us out in the past few days.  THANK YOU!  If I try to name everyone I know I’ll forget someone and I don’t want to offend.  You know who you are.   And I appreciate the prayers too!

The main person I would like to thank is God.  Yep, the past few days, I seen God work in so many ways.  Some things have been specific answers to prayers, some have been God looking out for us and some have just been favor. 

My sisters came over Saturday to help me get Nicholas’ room setup.  They recommended I buy a mattress cover so he will be more comfortable in his bed. I did not mention this need to anyone…it went on my list (the ever growing list of things to buy).  On Sunday, Sister Kay shows up with a bag of goodies for me….she gave me a mattress pad.  I believe God answered a specific need for that mattress pad without me even specifically asking.  Thankfully, Ms. Kay was willing to give. 

Today, I was at the library.  I wanted to check out a few books…specifically on parenting.  I thought I might owe the library a fine for some previous books I had checked out.  I did; $25.  Well, paying the library $25 is not in our budget right now, so I told the librarian I couldn’t pay.  She asked if I could pay $20. No, $20 isn’t going to work either.  She waived the entire fee.  Favor! 

Then I took the babies to Chic-fil-A for lunch.  Apparently they were giving away chicken salad today and offered me a serving.  I agreed.  When I got to my table, I had received two chicken salads.  Wow.  Free lunch for Dennis!  Favor!

Just wanted to Thank God and everyone for the donations….Thank you!!!  You are have become part of something BIG!  It is my firm belief that God has great things in store for Nicholas!


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