What was I thinking??


We went to story time today at the library.  Nicholas definitely needs interaction with other kids.  We met Judy and Ellie (my sister and niece), who enjoy storytime at least once or twice a month.  We also ran into some other friends there too.  My brave, brave friend Mel…I say brave because she brought her almost three year old and her baby.  She made it look so easy that I decided I could help Judy out and take Ellie with me for lunch.  Evan (Judy’s oldest) needed to be picked up from school and he had a doctor’s appointment.   So I volunteered.   What was I thinking?

Judy was happy to baptize me with the fire of two under two.  She was nice enough to suggest I take her stroller so I could strap one of them in while getting the other one out of the car. 

If you have two little ones (or are watching two little ones) I would definitely recommend Chic-fil-a.  The were extremely helpful opening doors and even carrying our tray to our table.  Oh, and they gave us balloons (not so extremely helpful of them…now I have to keep up with two kids and two balloons). 

We ate lunch.  Of course, if they see you dipping your chicken in sauce, they want to dip…and if one dips, the other one thinks he needs to dip.  (“Just say NO” to dip – that works on more than one level).

We played.  Well, Ellie was much more interested in climbing up and down on the bench where I was sitting.  Nicholas almost climb to the top of the play scape.  This is not desirable.  I could just picture myself having to climb up in there to get him out.  Seriously, that mental picture was haunting me for at least 5 minutes.  I think I had to do that once with Sam…those playscapes were not made for chubby moms.  Thank God, I lured him down. 

It took me a full 16 minutes to get the babies from the play area and to get them, their bags, the stroller, the balloons and myself into the car.  I was kind of sweating after that. 

We stopped by Dennis’ office to drop off  lunch.  He had to kiss everyone.   I was in charge of windows…rolling them down and rolling them up.  As I drive away, I realize something is wrong.  There is a red balloon trailing out one of the back windows (luckily I had tied to Ellie’s bag).  I had to pullover, reel in the balloon and roll the window up. 

This is what I learned today(in no particular order):

  • Free balloons aren’t really Free.
  • There is a reason most mom’s of preschoolers are usually on the thin side – it’s more of a fear thing; they don’t want to get stuck in a fast food playscape.
  • Having two kids under two is NOT for sissies.
  • Dipping sauces weren’t invented by a mom
  • Maybe front windows should have safety locks too…or buttons are a N.A.T. (Not A Toy – think you John Bryans) for mom’s too.

It is nap time now…I’ve got to run and get something done before our little angel wakes up and demands all the time and attention, again.


4 thoughts on “What was I thinking??

  1. Jenny Bryans

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep them coming and just think of every experience as more blogging material!

  2. You survived, so I guess that means you’re not a sissy. I’m a total sissy. I may be willing to take care of 2 under 2 but only at my own house where everything is child-proofed and there’s no loading and unloading involved.

    I guess next time you might not be talked into taking them both so easily. Sorry…and thank you! Evan & I enjoyed our lunch date before his appointment.

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