It’s not if they get hurt…it’s when…


Well, we had our first “official” injury today.  Nicholas has actually had a few incidents of injury but most were self-inflicted (he throws these little fits and whips his head around…he hit his forehead pretty hard once and had a little bruise).  Today we had a true injury. 

The kids were playing on the patio at my moms.  Evan had put Ellie in her swing and was swinging her pretty high.  I took Nicholas outside and placed him out of the arc of the swing.  He was good for a while but decided to come back over to the sliding door.  He navigated himself to the door without incident.

Then he turned around and walked right into the swing.  The swing, with Ellie in it, hit him smack on the front of the forehead and knocked him backward where he hit the back of his head on the cement.  So a knot on the forehead and on the back of his head.  I held him and ice both front and back of his head.  He was up and playing within 10 minutes. 

We preempted nap time with some grape Tylonal.  Hopefully, he will not have a purple egg on his head for Easter Sunday.


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