Gerber Graduates


Imagine my surprise this afternoon when my sweet little angel had possibly the worst breath I’ve ever smelled (except this one guy we used to call, Vitamin – in general he reeked of vitamins, not just his breathe).  It was the Gerber Graduates meal I fed him for lunch.  I just purchased several more and avoided anything with tomato sauce…I think that was the culprit.  I can’t give him gum to chew…well, not until he is 5 (following Jenny’s plan with Sam).

I’d like to know, when to mom’s shower during the day?  Seriously, I have way too much to do during nap time to take a shower.  I’m going to have to stay up late again. 

Tonight is small group at our house and I can’t even remember what a bought for us to eat…and I just got back from the store.  I thought that pregnancy really effected my brain.  Seriously, I felt like a crazy person and couldn’t remember things (and I have always had a sharp memory).  Seems that taking care of a toddler has similar effect. 

Off to try to vacuum before people come over tracking more dirt into the house.  Seriously, my floor is never really clean.


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