I’m the Mamma


Some things just have to be said aloud. 

Easter Sunday was a bit stressful.  Okay, it was stinking stressful.  It started on Saturday….actually started a few days before when Nicholas’ mom asked to attend Easter services with us.  On Saturday, our little angel, hit his head.  He didn’t seem to be feeling very well that night and kept waking up.  It was a late night.  At 1 a.m. I was rocking him and giving him some Tylenol. 

Before I became a mamma, I bought a dress (it fit much better after all the heavy lifting and running these past two weeks).  It is a lovely dress…felt so 1950s.  I curled my hair and put my dress on….I could only zip it 1/2 way up.  I worked on it for 10 minutes all the while sweating and wondering if my makeup was melting off.  Realizing I was running late and didn’t even have my makeup on I started to rush.  On top of that, I walked out the door and it was drizzly (for my friends in Alabama where it seems to only “hurricane rain”, drizzle is a light rain accompanied with  high humidity and fog) and my hair seemed to frizz almost immediately (so much for my Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum).

Baby was dressed and ready to go but he wasn’t in all that great of a mood.

His mom, met us at church.  Nicholas will go to anyone.  He is a very friendly child.  Of course he greeted her and put his arms out.  That lasted about 37 seconds then he wanted away from her.  I brought him an age appropriate puzzle to church.  It is a quiet activity and something he doesn’t get to play with all the time, so it does keep his attention for 10 to 20 minutes.  Mostly he likes to take the puzzle pieces out of the ziplock bag and put them back in…he’s not even two years old.  His mom thought he needed help with it.  He started “dropping” the puzzle pieces and she kept picking them up.  When he’s with me if he throws down the pieces, he loses them.  He liked the “pick-up game” for a while.  Then he just started getting into stuff, she would move the stuff and say “No, Nickie” (I hate the him being called Nickie…that’s just a whole other blog).  This resulted in him throwing himself on the ground.  Finally, service moved to offering time.  I gave Nicholas a couple of quarters.  After giving his offering and going back to where mom was and playing the “get into stuff” game again, he had a complete melt down.  I picked him up and we went to the ladies room to have a talk.  After a good cry and some prayer, we came back and he calmly sat in my lap until the children were dismissed for Sunday School.  The Sunday School teacher told me he was an angel and has a sweet spirit.  Of course, the minute his mom walked in, he once again he fell apart and started throwing a fit. He did not want her to hold him…I have the pictures to prove it.

She took some pictures of him and tried to get him to pay attention to her.  I finally told her that were going to be going to lunch with our family and would have to leave.  She said goodbye to him.

Once we were in the car headed to Nanna’s for Easter lunch, Nicholas was all smiles.  He seemed so relieved.  At one stop light I turned around and told him, “I’m the Mamma”.    He laughed. 

The remainder of our Easter was delightful.  He ate a big lunch.  Took a nap.  Hunted Easter eggs.  Ate some candy.  Played with toys Nanna and Pappa gave him as well almost every other toy Nanna has at her house (I know this because I had to pick up all the toys before we left – house rules at Nanna’s).  He was even well-behaved when we kept him out a little late.  We came home, put on jammies and he went to bed without incident.

And today, he was delightful.  Into everything but very good about listening when I asked him to leave something alone…I am sure it was the prayer but some things kids need to hear, even if they may not understand what is being said. 

I am the Mamma.  My goal isn’t to help out the mom or to be Nicholas’ friend.  My job is to protect and love Him and help him grow in wisdom and stature. 

After the first few days with him, we recognized one of the words he says is sh*t.  Yes, one of his only two words (his other word is “No”).  I was pretty upset.  It was revealing of the situation he was in.  So when I say, my job it to protect the innocent child in this situation, I mean it….I mean it with all the passion and grit that you can imagine.  Yes, the “mamma” has really kicked in. 

I am very happy to say, Nicholas is putting on some weight.  He is getting quiet the little baby belly.  He is walking and even running a little.  He is climbing.  Tonight at dinner, we were eating some blackberries (He will eat almost anything) and he signed “more” and “please”!  At bedtime, he gave hugs.  I was delighted. 

Every baby needs a mamma.  Someone to protect, teach, love, and delight in them.


One thought on “I’m the Mamma

  1. I am so happy that he has you for a mamma. You’re a true blessing in his life. God is using you to make a big difference in Nicholas’ life. And by the way, I love the picture of you three.

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