Momlog 2, Stardate April 6th 2010 0115

When do moms have time to listen to voice mail, read emails or play Farmville?  I would say at 1:15 am except something is wrong with my Facebook so no Farmville. 

Priorities sure to do change when you have a kid.  All I could think today is, “I really need to go to the store and buy some hotdogs” (the all natural beef kind – do they make organic hotdogs?) or the kid will not have lunch tomorrow….sounds like a McGross day.   I used to get to go to Starbucks now I go to McDonald’s.  Sad. 

Today, I didn’t put on any makeup.  I did manage to wash my face but makeup seemed like a waste.  I think I still have confetti in my hair.

I had to share my Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg with the baby.  I suppose I could say, I didn’t need it anyway. 

I spent a fair amount of time on the phone with Child Protective Services and the Attorney Generals office.  Nothing was resolved.  They don’t call back after 5 p.m.  (state workers).    It looks like I may become very familiar with San Antonio.  Of course I am going to need to get some work so I can finance the gas.  (Would someone tell Obama that gas prices are on the rise and he should do something…. if gas prices would drop, we could all afford healthcare).

I did get a bona-fide hug today.  I can see why people say it’s worth it.  I am waiting for the day he says his first prayer. 

Mom out…


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