Momblog 3


Momblog 3 Stardate April 4th 2010

Today, I met a friend with her three little darlings at Chick-fil-a.  Oh, what fun!  Seriously!! 

Names have been withheld to protect the guilty….

If you have read my previous blogs you know I have a fear of the playscape…well, not the playscape exactly but more of a fear of Nicholas getting stuck up there and then me having to haul my booty up there to get him out.  Perhaps I am secretly afraid by booty will get stuck and the fire department will have to be called and the playscape disassembled.

My friend’s little darlings are 5 years, 3 years and 16 months.  Nicholas really likes climbing up and down the stairs but isn’t so brave as to go through the tunnels and down the slide.  My friend laughed at me and told me if, he got stuck up there she planned on making a video with her fancy iPhone and posting it on Facebook.  She is one funny lady.  I was hoping I was my pants didn’t make my butt look too big. 

As the hour wore on, her baby became more and more brave as he watched his siblings running through the playscape.  He made it to the top but clearly did not feel comfortable sliding down the slide.  She was able to retrieve him by climbing up the stairs.  Good save.  I laughed hardily as I watched her climb in…I may have also threatened to take pictures.

As we prepared to leave, we realized we were one baby short.  We started calling for the little darling and realized he was above us…  The Chick-fil-a has a “car” that is suspended from the ceiling.  The wheels are made of plexiglass and the baby had his head in the wheel and was smiling down at us.  We tried to send the two older boys up to push, pull or carry him down.  They did manage to lure him half way through the longest tunnel but he found another window and was happy to laugh and smile at us.   Mom got a great picture of it with her fancy phone.  Eventually, she had to do it…she had to climb all the way up and through that tunnel to retrieve her baby.  (Reminds me of the baby in that book “Good Dog Carl”) Lucky for her, her booty isn’t as big as mine.  Of course, she is chasing and rounding up three active kids every day.  Kudos to her…the oldest one has lived to 5 years old and the other two seem to be well-fed and extremely happy.

Nicholas and I had a great laugh (he just laughed because I was laughing).  As my friend would say, “It was HALARIOUS!”   I wish I had gotten a picture….


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