Momlog 4


Momlog 4 Stardate April 9, 2010 1242

How can so much liquid come out of someone who consumes so little fluid?  All the bedding, including stuffed animals are in the dryer now.  Seriously, the diaper was so full.  I am considering  no liquids after 7 p.m.  What are the best diapers?  Some moms swear by the cheaper store brands while others say, buy the Pampers.  Who knows.  Right  now, we are using the diapers that were gifted to us…Huggies I think.  We will keep using the FREE diapers until they are gone. Did I mention, that although he had a bath last night, he had another first thing this morning?  (*Cannot have a baby smelling like pee).

Last night, Nicholas was sitting in one of his toy bins…cute.  I took a picture and will have to post it at a later date.  He decided he wanted to sit in the chair rather than in the bin.  So he is getting on and off the chair and as babies will do, not paying much attention to the edge of the furniture.  He flipped backward into the bin.   I picked him up, he was fine.   He was mad at me.  Seriously, he sat down in the floor and wouldn’t look at me as if I had something to do with the fall.

How do you teach children to control their anger?  How do you teach children to be loving and kind? 

Does anyone have a gate?  I need to keep the baby in his room while I get ready but I hate shutting him in there with the door shut…seems really “cut off”  Maybe it isn’t.  He’s so little and I do not want him to feel abandoned, just a little confined.

This “Mom” thing is a little more complicated than I imagined. 

We need to go outside and catch some Vitamin D.


2 thoughts on “Momlog 4

  1. I think that kids “catch” loving and kindness. It isn’t taught to them. I really don’t think yall have much to worry about. It comes out loud and clearly how loving yall are. I am very glad that God allowed you and your family to pass by where I live because maybe I’ve been able to “catch” a little of it too.

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