To Laugh or Cry??


We had “Family Time” tonight.  We just sat on the sofa and tickled and tickled.  Nick has the deepest little baby voice (could be “smoker” voice – hey second hand smoke can do that) and his laugh is also deep.  What is also funny is that if you aren’t looking at his expression (just hearing him), it is sometimes difficult to distinguish if he is laughing or crying. 

Later we went over to the Dean’s house and took a walk.  Then visited with Mark, Ellie and Evan.  Evan read me the longest Dr. Seuss book ever…it had a  lot of words and he didn’t miss one.  To be honest, I was subtly hinting that maybe the book was a little too long.  He did advise me that the next time I visit he is going to read me five books.  Yeah me! 

While we were there, Ellie started laughing and I wasn’t sure if she was laughing or crying.  Evan (such a bright 5 year old) advised that she was fake laughing.  It was very funny.

It seems that when it comes to 20 month olds, laughing and crying are pretty closely related.  They seem to be able to switch at the drop of a hat too.  The good thing about that is, they can be throwing a fit one minute and five minutes later they can laugh at you….or is it with you?


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