Weekend Update


This is for all my loyal “followers”.  Ran into Diane at church today and she told me that she checks my blog every day to see if I’ve added a new blog.   This isn’t one of my better blogs but here it is…

Our weekends seem to fly by these days.  I have gotten back to work to some degree.  On Friday I had a Pampered Chef Director Express meeting for my Pampered Chef business.  I have gotten a little off track with my business….just busiy with some other things, like being a parent.  While I was meeting, Dennis had “Daddy Duty”.  And again on Saturday morning, while I went yard-saling.  

Sometimes Dad’s have to figure things out the hard way.  On Saturday morning, while I was off with the girls finding great deals (until the rain set in), Dennis decided they were going to have pancakes.  Only problem, we were out of milk.  Instead of eating something else, they headed out to the grocery store.  As most moms know, a hungry youngster is an unhappy youngster.  They had an interesting trip to the grocery store.

On Saturday night, we headed out to San Antonio to a ballgame.  Not exactly my idea of a fun evening (baseball isn’t my favorite sport to watch…plus, the weather was questionable).  We ended up having a great time with our friends and their boys (ages 3 and 5).  Plus the baby had a great time making a sticking pink mess with cotton candy, he also ate part of Dennis’ hotdog, cheese nips, goldfish and cheetos…all of this in addition to eating dinner.  He LOVES to eat!  (He came to us kind of skinny but has gained over  pound! A pound is a lot for a baby).

It turns out, the baby really likes to “sing”.  I say “sing” because he doesn’t really use words yet but he will kind of yell out some words to no particular tune.  He especially like to sing when Dennis plays his guitar.  It is quiet cute.

After church on Sunday, we enjoyed a day with my family.  My mom came home from Big Spring (with goodies…THANK YOU JENNY for all the clothes!).  My dad BBQed and we ate “Laddie Burgers”; excellent.  After eating a large lunch, the baby took a nice long nap and then played long into the evening.  He had so much fun he didn’t want to go to sleep tonight even though he was clearly exhausted.


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