Really?? This is my Life?


I miss Starbucks.  I really, really, really miss going to Starbucks.  I miss the Carmel Macciata, the Toffee Nut Latte, the Dark Cherry Mocha (it’s new), and the simple Vanilla Latte.  I  miss lemon pound cake, old fashion chocolate donuts, cheese danishes and good ole coffee cake.  Don’t get me wrong, I never went to Starbucks everyday.  It was just the occasional trip.  Okay, maybe when I was “on the road”, I went everyday…I had an expense account.

A trip to Starbucks now requires planning and strategy. 

My new habit is to make coffee at home and hopefully enjoy a cup before noon.  I will also have a little of the fancy creamer…my newest favorite is “Italian Sweet Cream” (Coffeemate).

This morning, while making breakfast for the baby and trying to clean up the kitchen from a fried food fest we had last night, disaster struck.  Okay, semi-disaster. 

The baby seems to have some issues with drinking milk.  One of the home health workers suggested to me that if he was put to bed with a bottle or allowed to carry a bottle around all day, then he very likely drank soured milk (probably picked up an old bottle thinking it would be good) and that would cause him to not want any milk.  I am paranoid about dairy products and “Sell by dates” (ask Dennis).  I too have tasted sour milk and never want to re-experience it.  I understand about the sour milk paranoia.    I’ve tried chocolate milk and it hasn’t help so now I’ve moved on to  Strawberry. 

So the baby is in his chair.  I have just made coffee in the French Press (think boiling water and coarsely ground beans).    I turn around to tell him to drink his milk and as I turn, I brush the coffee pot.  It becomes unbalanced and begins to spill.  I couldn’t grab it, the water was burning hot.  My freshly cleaned stove, cabinets and floor were covered with coffee and coffee grounds. 

The boy, is just looking at me with the cup in his mouth but not tipped up enough for him to actually be drinking.  I calmly walked over and held the cup up and put his hands on the cup to hold it.  He drank every drop….while I re-cleaned the kitchen.

There is coffee and coffee grounds in cracks and crannies that I can’t even get to without pulling the stove out.  We really need to move…this place has three years of grime build up.  Is that a valid reason to move?  

I remember only a few years ago, walking down Broadway in New York City, stepping into Starbucks (there is one on each side of the street, every three blocks or so) and ordering the perfect Carmel Maciatto…slightly bitter until the sweet Carmel begins to blend in to the coffee.  (Down here in the south, they are usually made with a little too much carmel…you can’t even enjoy the last few sips because it is way too sweet).  Then back out into the rush to get back to a class….that was a different life though.   I am sure missing the big city today.  Not necessarily New York City, any big city.  I miss my hometown, Austin (Austin played N.Y.C. in the movies – Ms. Congeniality).  I miss Houston, Cincinnati, St. Louis, San Diego, and Nashville…

Okay, so this is my life.  It is all about milk, wet diapers, playtime and communication (trying to teach the boy to communicate).  Sometimes I just want to say, “Starbucks…take me away” (think Calgon commercials from the 70s and 80s)


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