Balancing Act


Last month,  was a great “Pampered Chef” month.  As most of you know (and if you didn’t know, you should) my “fun job” is selling Pampered Chef.  Yes, I have a website if you want to check out the products…contact me for a link.  Then our little angel entered our lives and some things were put on the back burner.

My thriving little sales team is floundering a little.  It is mostly my fault.  I just haven’t figured out the balancing act between working and parenting.  I love my Pampered Chef business and now I need it more than ever (I need to talk to grown ups and I need time away from the little angel AND now we could really use the income).

The balancing act thing isn’t just working and parenting (aka, working) it is also having my “quiet time” and fullfilling my purpose (one of which is writing).  It seems there is always some surface (face, butt, you name it) that needs wiping.  Where do mom’s find the time??  For that matter, where do dad’s find the time after working all day?

Naptime is good but some days I am the one who needs the nap. 

Now more than ever, I am working to find my center (Jesus). 

One of the tasks in our Bible Study (Hays Hills Baptist – THANK you for your ministry to moms!! Our study is “Discerning the Voice of God) instructed us to write down some key verses and tape them up in a prominate place we will see them daily (the bathroom mirror).  My mirror is getting smaller.  Maybe that was the real point.  There is a reason moms sometimes look a little unkept…they are probably moms with the most balance in their lives. 

How is your balancing act?  Any suggestions?


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