Momblog 5


Stardate…. okay, I can’t even remember what the date is…it is however, almost 1am.  This is the best time to write.  Everyone else is asleep and I don’t have to keep saying, “Momma can’t play right now.  Go play”.

Turns out that HEB wipes are pretty shoddy; not wet and not thick.  I didn’t actually purchase the wipes, they had one of those by $6.99 in diapers and get the wipes for free coupons.  I’m going to have to head to Walmart.   Interestingly (or maybe this doesn’t interest you), I ran out of the great big bag of Huggies wipes when there was a bout of diarhea…my gag reflex was fully functional, so much so that I suspected I was pregnant (yep, I checked it out – I’m not).   The diarhea passed (Thank GOD!!!).  The buger-face is beginning to clear again. 

Judy advised me that her daughter has hoof and mouth disease…wait a minute that isn’t right…she has hand, mouth and food disease.  All we can figure is she’s a little runny-nosed, poop eater.  Okay, she had had a runny nose and broke out in a little spotted rash including sores in the mouth.  The only thing you can do is hydrate the child (due to the fever) and wait it out.  Our little one was around her little one but he hasn’t had the rash.  As my sister said, little Ellie doesn’t know she is sick.  That sounds about right…the diarhea didn’t seem to slow him down.

The boy is not talking.  At times he refuses to communicate.  He has been referred for some early childhood development services so we are working on it.  The thing is, we know he can hear and we hear him talking all the time.  He knows many words but will not use them to communicate.  He is simply refusing to communicate.  Our service provider suspects he is being stubborn because it is the one thing he can control in his life.  With everything else out of control, he can decide if he tells us what he wants or not. 

We have been working on learning the sign for “Thank You”.  I refuse to have an ungrateful child (I suspect many of the problems in American can be linked back to people who were never taught to be thankful…hmmm, maybe I should be come an anthropologist.  Wonder how many years of school that would take…).  I remember Bishop Phillips speaking about his praying mother.  He said she refused to have an unsaved child…and you should see her legacy.  The sign for “Thank you” is really easy.  He knows some more difficult signs.  He’s just being a stubborn. 

We were told, to tell him to ask for what he wants (a drink for example) and do not give him what he wants until he communicates it (eventually he will be thirsty enough to sign for it).  So I am putting this little plan into action today and the his latest reaction is to smile and try to charm his way into getting his way (this doesn’t work on me – I’m tough – well, that is what I keep telling myself).  It is cute but I just smile and tell him he has to sign “Thank  you”. 

I have been reading “First Time Mommy” by Dr. Lehman.  He says that children will totally run the show if we do not teach them from the start that they are NOT the center of the universe.  (Again, maybe what is wrong with American today…a generation that was taught they were the center of the universe and now meltdown when things do not go their way…adult meltdowns are so unattractive).

Turns out this parenting this is a little more complicated than I initially thought. 

Pray, pray, pray….


One thought on “Momblog 5

  1. I’ve been worried about worried about my boy. I was wrong that I made him think that he’s the centre of the universe. I really have to do somethig about it.

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