Momlog 6


We had fun tonight hanging out at a gift certificate shower for our friends the Branham’s.  They just started fostering and some great kiddos have blown into their lives (that is a great description of fostering…children blow in and blow out of your life).  Friends gathered around them to eat some veggies and ranch dip (and a great cheese ring -not to be confused with a cheese wheel which is what Dennis called it-that I made).   

You have to love a gift certificate shower…the only thing you have to decide is which store to get the gift card from.  I choose Target because you can buy food or diapers or clothes there….you never know what you are going to need.

Today was a bit of a rough day.  Nicholas decided he wasn’t going to communicate with me pretty much at all.  That’s right, he wouldn’t sign to me or anything (although, he did give me a kiss at bedtime…he has been giving kisses on a regular basis now but I don’t want to make a big deal about it but is a big deal because he doesn’t give his kisses away to anyone really…okay, it’s huge but I’m keeping it to myself and you of course).  Who can know what is going on in that little brain?  I am paranoid enough to believe he is trying to make me crazy.

Dr. Lehman (I am quoting this guy left and right if only I could implement all his brilliant ideas) says it’s not if your kid embarrasses you in public but when.  He also says we cannot let them win.  If they win at two then you will have a teenager who is argumentative and throws fits.  Tonight, Nick was working on embarrassing us.  He is usually pretty well-behaved at home…well, he doesn’t usually get into things he isn’t allowed to get into (at least not with me – he does with Dennis but I think Dennis doesn’t watch him as closely as I do).   Tonight, he tried to put his finger in an electric socket, threw a bit of a fit because Dennis wouldn’t hold him and feed him, and refused to play with any of the other children.  It was just a bad attitude in general.  Bedtime could not come soon enough. 

The great thing about parenthood is we can all sleep on it and then wake up and hopefully have a much better day tomorrow.  Do over.

I love that baby.  I am working on speaking positive things into his life.  Today I told him he was being very ugly to me and I didn’t like it.  It may seem wierd to tell that to a kid but sometimes expressing how you feel works. 

When I was 17, I would sometimes babysit for the choir practice at my church.  There was one family who had a little boy, Joel.  Everyone dreaded this child.  He was difficult….a fit thrower; always throwing a huge fit.  His poor mamma was this really pretty lady who was so “together” before she had him….by the time he was 9 months old she was frazzled.  To be honest, I couldn’t stand this kid. This child was only three and I didn’t like him.   I was so frustrated with him one evening I told him (my tone probably bordered on harsh), “Joel, no one likes you when you act like this”.  He stopped crying and from then on out, he was good for me.  Seriously, he was a changed child.

One thing that did happen tonight, was right before we were going to leave, our host offered to show Dennis his music room.  They have a nice size house so we followed him upstairs (the music room is pretty awesome).  As we were walking away, I called out to Nick to “come on”.  Since he was being stubborn, he just looked at me so I walked away.  He was “uncompliant” all day today.  When he realized I was walking out of his line of vision, he decided to follow but one of our friends was in the floor with her baby and was blocking his path.  She didn’t realized he was trying to follow.  He wondered off looking for us and couldn’t find us.  He tried to play it casual a minute later when I walked back into the room (when he didn’t follow, I didn’t dally but went back into the room where he was) but he seemed relieved to see me. 

We had a nice prayer tonight before Nick went to sleep.  We asked Jesus to give us a better day tomorrow and to forgive both of us for being so hardheaded and rebellious.  It’s good to ask God to forgive you with your child…we all need God’s grace.  Now I just have to forgive him…that’s right.  Even when you love them, sometimes it is hard to forgive and forget yesterday.  If not, you will approach tomorrow expecting the worst rather than believing for something better. 

So in the immortal words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I shan’t think about it now…after all tomorrow is another day”. (at least that’s how I remember it).


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