Momlog 8


Once again it is the wee hours of the morning…one of the rare times of complete quiet in the house.  All the boys/men are in bed sleeping.  My house is full of stinky boys.  The little one wets and poops himself and the big one is sweaty and dirty.  I find myself asking, “Did you shower?”  (For those of you who didn’t know,  Dennis’ brother John is visiting…he’s 16 years old – great kid).  I know, he’s old enough to know to shower, it’s just the strong “male” smell in the house. 

Our baby is getting big.  He has gained another pound and I didn’t even realize it but he is out-growing his clothes.  My sister had to point it out to me this last weekend.  So today, I went and bought the little guy a couple of new shirts…size 24 months.  He will be 2 years old soon.  He’s so bright and charming. 

He is behind with his speech development.  He understands is delayed with communicating, especially verbalizing.  I taught him a new sign this week…”help”.   He has been catching on pretty quickly but sometimes when he goes to sleep he completely forgets what he learned yesterday.   Because of his delay, I am taking a speech class this summer.  This week, I learned I need to stop talking and wait for a response from him when I ask talk to him.  This seems to be working.   He is consistently saying “Mom” to get my attention and tonight when I was putting him to bed, I said, “Can you say ‘Good night’?”  and he looked at me and said, “Night, Night”.   His vocabulary is increasing daily. 

There are some disadvantages to this too.  We bought him this cheap “microphone” from Wal-mart.  You moms out there will know what I am talking about.  You speak into it and it kind of echos.  Anyway, he loves it and will babble into for very long periods of time.  We purchased it for him to encourage him to talk and the plan was successful.  The disadvantages?  Well, it seems every time I try to make a phone call, he decides to yell into the microphone.  Nice.  Now I am having to tell him to stop yelling while I am on the phone.   Another disadvantage…bedtime and nap time.  He will lay in his bed and talk to his bear for 45 minutes.  Seriously.  I have to go in and tell him to stop talking and close his eyes.  Of course, within minutes of closing his eyes, he falls asleep. 

We had small group tonight and now that he is faux talking, he is a little distracting at church and small group situations.   I put a video on for him in his room and told him to play and watch his video.  It is a fairly childproofed room but there are some things I do not like for him to get into.  When I went into check on him, he had quiet a party.  He pulled his dirty clothes out of the dirty clothes bin and they were scattered everywhere.  All the toys in the world and he wants to get into the dirty clothes.  I took him over to the bin and told him it wasn’t a toy.   He points at it and says, “No, no”.  (He has gotten into trouble for pulling the clothes out in the past).  Our boy is growing up.   (sniff, sniff).


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