Momlog 11


Many of you have been waiting for the latest from “Momland”.  Well, we have been so very busy this summer.  From playdates at the “Jumpy Place” to speech therapy we have been on the run.

The good news is, our Nic-Nac is starting to talk.  Oh yes, in fact he’s become a noisy little person.  Now, I just need to get him to the point that other people understand him.  (You know, not just me walking around interpreting what he is trying to say.  Like  “ease” means…”please”). 

We are working on potty now.  Turns out, if you leave a child on the potty for long enough, they will eventually “go potty”.  😀  Don’t worry, he isn’t being tortured.

Spending time with other moms helps with this whole “motherhood” thing. Turns out other moms have similar issues. 

For example, a child refused to eat something.  Well, I’m not a short order cook. I figure, when he gets hungry enough, he will eat.  I felt a little bad about serving him the eggs from breakfast for lunch…until I talked to a mom who served a reheated lunch to her son for three meals until he ate it (for breakfast). 

Another interesting “mom phenomenon”…this one baffles moms everywhere… maybe it should be called a “dad phenomenon” really.  How is it that when you leave a child with dad and you see them later in the day, they are dressed in something crazy.  I am talking, an 18 month old wearing a 3 to 6 month top.  I was talking to a couple of moms today (names have been withheld to protect the guilty).  I was telling them, I really need box up all the clothes Nic has outgrown because a few mornings ago, after leaving him with Dennis for “bedtime” I found him in some 12 month pajamas(he’s in a 24 month to 2t now)…the shirt is a little tight and the pant bottoms are way too short.  I asked my hubby, “Didn’t you notice these pants are really short?”  He said, “I thought they were shorts”.  Apparently, this phenomenon is completely normal.  One mom said, she had put a tiny t-shirt in the back of her daughters draw to hold on to as a “keepsake”.  She came home one day and her daughter was wearing it. Mom said, her question to her husband was, “How did you get that on her?”  Mom feared she would have to dislocate a shoulder to get it off her toddler.  The other mom said, he husband will find clothes she has stored in the top back of her son’s closet.  Non of us are sure how this happens…although I suspect (I suspect this because I know I store the fresh laundry on top) that they close their eyes and reach as deep or as far back into the bin, closet or drawer and whatever their hand touches they pull it out and put it on the child.     I know companies like Geranimals have tried to make clothes that all co-ordinate but somehow dads just seem to be able to find those two items in the closet that clash.  The moms suggested that I lay out the items of clothing I want the child to wear.  One mom says this works on her husband too….hmmm so that is why her husband always looks pulled together.

A mom’s work is never done.  Found out I will likely be having house guests next week.  Somehow in addition to all the other things we need to do, I have to find the time to clean (no, I mean CLEAN) this house. 

My husband told me today that I have all the time in the world to work on my writing.  Seriously?  So in between preparing meals for a toddler, bathing him, teaching him to talk, working on going to the potty, checking to see if he has peed or pooped, rewarding peeing or pooping, getting him ready for bed, changing diapers because he hasn’t really figured out how to go in the potty every time, taxiing the child to visits, preparing food for small groups and youth groups, doing almost all the laundry in this house, etc, etc, etc (should I go on???)…teaching youth, teaching Sunday School, ….I’m lucky if I get a shower every day….wow, just writing this is getting me fired up.  He thinks I just have all the time in the world.  I seriously considered kicking him in shin and I would have except I am so tired and I would have had to stand up.   I AM TIRED.  I have so much more to say but venting on a blog seems only to lead to hurt feelings.  Here is a little hint to all dads out there….all dads who have wives who stay home with kiddos…while you are working 8 hour days at your “job” you have a spouse who is working at very least 12 hours a day taking care of your kid(s) and your home.  They don’t get to “go home” after their shift and eat a dinner someone else has prepared.  This means every time someone had a body function (peed, pooped, sneezed, drooled, etc) she had to take care of it.  Every time someone needed something like food, medication, a band aid, clothing,  a hug, ANYTHING, she had to get it.  She had to meet every emotional and physical need of another human being today.  Don’t ask her what she does with all her time…when she gets an hour off or when you get home, she just wants to sit down and do something that doesn’t require her to say something over and over and over  until her head hurts (“eat your dinner”, “eat your dinner, son”,  “one more bite”….).  Go get your wife an aspirin ( or in my case a Tylenol) and for everyone’s sanity pick your clothes up off the floor and put away the chips on the kitchen table that you got out four days ago.  And unless you want to experience physical harm, do not tell your wife she has “all the time in the world” to do something.  (This doesn’t even include all the things your wife does for her friends, her community, her church, her extended family….so when you find your wife on Facebook just “vegging” ask yourself, “Could  she  be overwhelmed?” before you ask her what she’s doing with her time).


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