Momlog 12


Sooo much has happened in our lives in only a month.  1. We were ordained by our church to be professional, uh, I mean “official” (as Rob Sumner always says, “It’s always official”) youth pastors.  This is something that Dennis has been doing for a while.  Dennis is looking into going back to school; Southwestern out of the Dallas area.  And possibly the biggest news of all, our Nic-Nack went home. 

There were many details about surrounding his leaving us but most of them pertain to his mom and her past and are not mine to tell.  My hope is that one day she has an incredible testimony to share.

Many good things came out of our fostering.  1. I met Tia and Elaine at “The Jumpy Place” in San Marcos and Tia and I have become good friends.  2. I met Stephanie and she invited me to a Bible Study on Tuesdays (childcare provided at Hays Hills Baptist Church).  It was good and I have decided to continue to attend a weekly Bible Study (this semester, Beth Moore’s study “Breaking Free” at Promiseland San Marcos – they will have Childcare too).  3. I was exposed to the world of “Special needs” and learned so much about Speech and teaching a little one to talk.  The folks at the San Marcos Early Childhood Intervention organization (whose name I will post eventually) are an awesome group.  From case workers to service providers to the speech pathologist they were all so supportive, kind and just all out great.  4. The case worker from early ECI told us that we did an incredible job with Nick and part of his gap had been bridged.  She told us that we are very good with the fostering thing and encouraged us to go ahead and make it “official” (with the state).  5. A family out there (Nick’s) now has people praying for their success.   6. One little boy learned to Thank Jesus and pray for his parents every night (which I hope he remembers). 7. We started volunteering with Sunday School at our church (which I’m not sure the kids would think this is a good thing and some days I’m not sure either). 

I am sure there is more….which I will add later.

One of the major things I’ve learned is children take on the attitudes, beliefs, behaviors of their parents….the good, the bad and the ugly.  We seldom think about what our attitudes and behaviors are teaching our little ones.  If you lie, even little white lies, you are teaching that too your kids.  If your attitude is to “get away with it” then you will have kids who try to “get away” with things.  If you hard-working, and you take your children to work with you, they will be hard-working.  You preach what you practice.  In other words, what you do is what your kids will hear the loudest.

I am signing off…I am taking my 5 year old nephew, Sam to paint some pottery.


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