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For all of you unfamiliar with WordPress, it has a great “Stats” feature that tracks how many visits I get a day, where the visits are coming from and what links my visitors click on.  Yes, I check them from time to time. 

The last few days have been busy…more than 400 people have visited.  Not sure where the spike is coming from except that I have set up my blog to notify my Facebook followers.  So thank you all my Facebook friends and acquaintances that have visited my blog. 

Over the past few months, I have been told repeatedly that the “Momlog” is very popular.   Usually, when I run into an old friend they tell me, “I’ve been reading your blog”  and “You should update it more often”.  This has happened to me repeatedly. 

One funny thing is, I write far more blogs than I post.  It’s called “Self-editing”.  Believe me I can rant.  Currently, I have a rant that has been simmering regarding the Wal-mart in Buda (but really Wal-marts in general).  I may have to post that rant.  Let’s put it this way….I wrote a nice but scathing email to them. 

Just wanted to thank all of my faithful followers.

In the news…. we have not heard anything about how Nick is doing.  We are “officially” youth pastors at Christ Church San Marcos.  Yes, we are still trying to have a baby and when we know something I’ll blog about it (eventually).  We are looking for a house to buy.  I am working on a study guide for my book, The War Manual and will definitely let everyone know when it is available (yes, it will be edited “professionally” this time).  Dennis is planning on taking some college classes (through Southwestern) so he is going to be even more busy. 

Any questions?? 

Thanks again to everyone who follows!!



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