It is September 11th.  That sentence almost says it all.  The History Channel is airing a series of documentaries about September 11th and all that led up the tragic attack on America on that day.  They are building up to a program that will air tonight called “Ground Zero” which is all clips from that day that are edited together.    The clips are photos and videos taken by people who were in the twin towers or in the New York area. 

Of course I remember where I was that day.  I remember sitting on the arm of my parents sofa and saying, “Those buildings are about to fall”.  As the newscaster spoke the buildings began to crumble.  Because he wasn’t viewing the feed, he just kep taking….while the rest of the nation had inhaled and was holding their breath.

I want to remember today.  I want to remember the prayer meeting we had that evening at Promiseland in Austin.  I want to remember how many people showed up.  I want to remember how we all prayed a little more.  We all prayed for the nation that day.  No organized “Day of Prayer” could have generated more prayer.  We all prayed for New York and Washington.  We prayed for people we didn’t know.  We prayed for firefighters and policemen.  We prayed for the finances of this nation.  We prayed for our future.  We repented. 

We cried. 

The Sunday after 9-11, our church was full.  Everyone wanted to say a prayer and connect.   We wanted to connect with someone.  And we felt connected.  Everyone knew someone effected. 

Somehow, every American was “proud” to be American after that day.  We didn’t have anything bad to say about our president or the government.  Suddenly, it didn’t matter if we were a “southerner” or a “Yankee” or a crazy Californian.  We were American.  We were one.

Let’s remember today to pray for our  nation.  Let’s remember to pray for those effected by the events of 9-11.  Let’s go to church.  Let’s connect to others.  Let’s be one.  Let’s repent.  Let’s be American again.


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