Dont’ be a Donkey


For the back-story read this.  Emily asked if I would go into the subject of the prophetic being off course.  Here goes Emily.

First of all, I am not at all sure David was “off” in the instants of Bathsheba.  I believe several things led to his fall. 

  1. David was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  David was a warrior king.  He was a prophetic psalmist but he was definitely a warrior.  Tradition tells us that the springtime was the time for war.  The rest of his army was out fighting.  Why was David sitting at home?
  2. David was bored.  My mother-in-law says that boredom is demonic.  That may be taking it a little far but all of David’s mighty men were out fighting and he was sitting at home bored.  Boredom can lead to some foolish decisions.
  3. All of David’s mighty men were out fighting which means, he had no accountability.  Who would know? 
  4. There was also some assumption involved…he assumed without consulting anyone that his timing was right. 
  5. David clearly wasn’t spending as much time with God as he should have been.  (see #2 boredom…he had time)
  6. Last but not all at least, David’s pride began to show.  He assumed because he was king, he could have anything or anyone he wanted.  He assumed that because he was anointed of God that God would approve whatever David wanted.  He assumed that because God approved of him in general that God would approve of his unrighteous actions.  He assumed because he heard from God that he was special and could do whatever he wanted.

Interestingly, almost every one of these scenarios is common to those with prophetic giftings; pride being the most common issue.  (Pastors frequently fall into this one too).  Here is the thing, when you hear from God you begin to think that because He speaks to you, He approves of you.  Not necessarily. 

In general, those with prophetic gifts tend to be forerunners.  They (not sure if I should say “they” or “we”) tend to be agents of change.  Agents of change are often controversial and unwelcome. 

Just because God tells you something, unless He directs you to do something with it, wait.  Wait for further instructions.  Don’t assume He wants you to share it.  Don’t assume He wants you to do something….JUST WAIT. 

Cindy Jacobs wrote in her book, Possessing the Gate of the Enemy (I think…if not, then it was in The Voice of God) about how prophets and pastors often clash.  She said if you give a flock of sheep to a pastor and send him up a mountain, he will take years to arrive at the top.  He will stop to tend to every wound, bruise and scrape.  He will arrive at the top of the mountain with all the sheep in pristine condition.  Give that same flock of sheep to a prophet and send them up the mountain, they will arrive in record time but they will have lost several sheep and the ones who do make it the top are pretty ratty looking (these are my words…).  So God places both the pastor and the prophet together to so they will take the mountain in a timely manner with most sheep in tack. 

The prophetic gifting very often causes, as Ezekiel describes, a sense of “fire shut up in my bones”.  It feels urgent.  It feels like “I must say this or do this right now”  Or this must happen ASAP. This is why WAITING is so difficult at times.   This is also why we are all a part of the body of Christ and we all have different gifts and callings….it cause a balance of sorts. 

From the prophetic point of view, life can often feel frustrating.  We see and we know what should be or what will be but we just aren’t there yet.  At times we feel we are constantly pulling, pushing or prodding. 

Another thing Cindy Jacobs said in The Voice of God is, “Not every intercessor is a prophet but every prophet is an intercessor.”  What this means is, we often hear from God for the purpose of praying.  Old timers used to use the term “praying trough”.  I think in terms of “giving birth”  At times, the Spirit will place a seed of sorts in your spirit and you must pray until you see that word begin to bud.  Prophets must get back to their intercessory roots.  Instead of feeling frustrated and pushing, pulling and prodding…..PRAY.  (The Word also says to covent-desire and seek the best gifts- so if you want to prophesy, the best place to start is by becoming an intercessor).

As for the potential pride issue… I often remind myself of the account of Balaam and his donkey…keeps me humble.  When God wants to communicate, He can even use a donkey.  I don’t have to be donkey for God to communicate through me but if I am a donkey,  He can still use me.  However, it is a lot less fun for me when I am being a donkey.  Don’t be a donkey.

I welcome questions so feel free to ask.


3 thoughts on “Dont’ be a Donkey

  1. Daya

    Wow! Thank you! I just started reading Possessing the Gates of the Enemy and all of this is alot for me to chew on. Thanks so much for your response. 🙂

  2. Daya

    Would you mind removing my comment above? I am so sorry to bother you about this again…I had no idea my full name was being linked here and I am still trying to be very careful about what is public. Thank you so much cb!

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