Happy Birthday, Jesus…I’ll talk to you next month


It is already on my mind…the beginning of the year.  I dread January.  I should love January….it is a fresh start but instead I am dreading it.  Here’s why.

Every January, churches and Christians everywhere turn their attention to fasting and vision and seeking God.  Of course, most of you are thinking, “What’s the problem?  Isn’t that a good thing?”  And the super religious out there are probably offended without even reading the rest of this post.  (Maybe you should make this year, your year of getting  free from legalism…I’m just sayin’).  Why is it that we only do these things in January?

Seriously, we seek God in January and the rest of the year, we wear ourselves out trying to “do, do, do” everything until December rolls around and we are exhausted.  On top of it, Christmas is in December, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday but instead of seeking Him in December, we party like crazy and tell ourselves we will fast in January.

I hate “New Year’s Resolutions”.   Instead of waiting one more day to stop all the bad things we have been doing, let’s just stop. 

As for the vision part of January…I have one question.  What was last year’s vision?  Did you complete it?  How about we all just work on the vision God has giving us instead of trying to get a new one every year.  Focus people.

So my proposal is let’s love Jesus, stop building our kingdom and build His.   Let’s seek Him every day, now, instead of waiting until January or instead of making January the most spiritual month of our year.  Let’s do the vision God has given us instead of having spiritual ADD.  Let’s pray every day.

Interestingly, in the Jewish culture the new year is a time of looking at the past year and asking forgiveness for sins and others for forgiveness.  That would be a good thing to do for New Years, go apologize to everyone you did wrong or hurt this year…even if they are lame and you did not intentionally hurt them.  Learn to “let it go” (now that would be a great New Years Resolution).  There are some people who will never know they hurt you unless you go tell them and even then, they may or may not care.

I propose we just praise Jesus for all He has done for us this past year.  Let’s remember His goodness.  Let’s start a conversation with Him that lasts all year long.


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Jesus…I’ll talk to you next month

  1. Jerrod

    “So my proposal is let’s love Jesus, stop building our kingdom and build His. Let’s seek Him every day, now, instead of waiting…”

    Amen!!! Good words CB…

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