Just a short post to make you smile. 

Our niece, Ellie has hit her “naked stage”.  She can take her cloths off by herself and seems to really enjoy being naked.  In fact, we were at her house the other day and she was running around yelling, “I naked! I naked!”.   She is two…I think it is pretty typical.  She is still potty training and has accidents and off course the first thing she does it take her clothes off.

Yesterday, she spent the day with me and later, Dennis took her to McDonald’s.  While they were there, she spilt her milk.  Dennis said most of it went on the floor and a couple of drops hit her pants. She kicked off her boots and Dennis couldn’t reach them so he went under the table to get them.  As he got up a pair of hot pink pants hit him….and he realized she was going for the pull-up.  He’s saying, “No, mam, no mam”.  One of the dads there started handing him napkins.  He said all the dads were laughing at him….

If you know Dennis, you understand this is really funny because it makes him a little uncomfortable….


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